Wednesday Evening // Arts in The Park: Local Boy

Jeremy Parkin & Kelvin are a Producer / MC duo from Whitehorse, YT. They began working together in 2014 for Borealis Soul: a collective that integrates dance, music, and visual effects into live performance. With musical flavours that are based in hip hop and electronic, they are keen to experiment and shape their own sound, embracing lyricism, boom-bap, trap, down tempo, and house, within their musical styles. With just three singles released, Local Boy has had great local success, as they fulfill offers to perform at festivals such as Breakout West, Forthwith, and Atlin. On top of collaborating on soundscapes [...]

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Tuesday // Arts in the Park: Crooked Folk

Crooked Folk perform original songs and compositions blended and infused with French-Canadian, Celtic, east coast "Canadiana" and other traditional folk music. The ensemble has performed numerous concerts and has collaborated with such artists as Gurdeep Pandher, the Extremely Moving Youth Society, the Yukon Fiddleheads and other great Yukon musicians. Three of group's members have produced their own recordings, which include original works, and have backed up other musicians on other recordings as well. The members of Crooked Folk are: Calla Paleczny: lead vocals & mandolin, Katie Avery: fiddle & vocals, BJ MacLean: guitar & vocals, Jerome McIntyre: bodhran & cajon

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Monday // Arts in The Park: McKain Lakey

McKain Lakey is an Arkansas-based musician whose work investigates themes of oppression and empowerment through the richness of American folk traditions. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, McKain performs as a solo artist, as part of the duo Woolly Breeches, and with other bands by invitation. She is an educator and facilitator who work with groups of all ages and backgrounds to deepen their understanding of the historical and technical foundations of music and to encourage personal exploration of voice and creative power. She tours internationally, and recently participated as one of six women songwriters in Hedgebrook’s prestigious 2019-songwriter residency. [...]

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Friday // Arts in The Park: Lucie D

This multilingual Royal Conservatory trained chanteuse and songwriter whose velvety voice is unforgettable will leave you spellbound and wondering why this treasure still lives in the North! From a long generation of successful singers, dancers and actors (Brie Larson), Lucie was groomed for performing and hit the stage at the tender age of ten. Canadians fondly remember her as lead singer/songwriter with the bilingual band Inconnu, recording two albums and ruling the Canadian Summer Festival circuit for more than 10 years from 1990 to 2001. Inconnu played major festivals stages such as Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Juneau, Anchorage and the [...]

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Thursday // Arts in The Park: Community Service

Community Service together strike a collective chord. Lead singer Lianne Cranfield has been performing since age 9 and has performed thousands of solo shows. She trekked through NZ and Oz with a guitar on her back, and was nominated as the entertainment ambassador of her hometown, Hamilton, Ontario. When she moved to Whitehorse in 2012 she became a mother, so put aside her music for some time, suspecting that one day the right group would come together... at the right time. And they did: Community Service came together in Lianne's living room on Sunday afternoons over the winter after her [...]

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Wednesday Evening // Arts in The Park: Soda Pony

Soda Pony members Patrick Hamilton and Aiden Tentrees can often be found scouring the corners of Whitehorse's various dump freestore’s in search of costumes for their next show. They have been scouring these same dumps for the last decade, and the dumps always abide them with something newly strange and/or stylish. These early dump visits roughly correlate to Hamilton and Tentrees' first musical collaborations; they have been playing music together in various bands since their early teens, culminating in 2013 with the formation of Soda Pony. With a new full-length album tucked into their waistline, Soda Pony truly kills during [...]

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Wednesday // Arts in The Park: Bingo Bongo Boogie Band

The Bingo Bongo Boogie Band is the Yukon's ultimate children’s and family friendly band. The band plays original children's music and kids' favourites, original pop and rock as well as classic country and rock covers. Lead singer Michael Brooks and the versatile musicians in the Bingo Bongo Boogie Band do it all with style and flair. Lots of child participation in the show as the as the children are called to play rhythm instruments and act out dramatic roles during the show. Michael’s original songs, Polar Bear Polka, Greta the Grouch and Buffalo Bob’s Big Beef Burgers on a Bun [...]

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Tuesday // Arts in the Park: Drea Naysayer & Emily Ross – DOUBLE BILL

1) Drea Naysayer is a prolific singer songwriter who has released 10 albums and is anticipating the release of her 11th entitled, “FALL”, in the summer/autumn of 2019. Drea is performing in Belgium and Denmark in May 2019, and this will be her sixth time touring the EU in addition to her multiple Canadian tours as an independent singer songwriter. Drea has assembled and led groups like the Naysayers, folk duo Hit Machine, and the new feminist Yukon punk band, “The Death Drops”. She has leant her time and talents to Rock Camps for Girls and initiated the inaugural Rock [...]

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Friday // Arts in The Park: The DanG Buskers

The DanG Buskers is a musical duo made up of a pair of vaudevillians Dale and Grant. This power couple have been working together since they met in 1988. They have both performed at the Gaslight Follies, Diamond Tooth Gerties, Frantic Follies, Klondike Follies as well as various conventions, special events and music festivals. Grant is a musician, singer, comedian and Dale is a singer, dancer & actor. Performing usually varies from folk, sing -a -longs, jazz, blues, old-time jingles and contemporary rock. The main focus in their work along with guitar, ukulele and percussion is how their voices blend [...]

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Thursday // Arts in The Park: Gigi Godin

A sprightly 84-year-old player of Bluegrass and Classic country music – occasional resident of Whitehorse, but now living in rural Richmond outside Ottawa, Although she’s played the guitar, and sang, for most of her life, Gigi Godin only started performing seriously when she was 76. With lots of help and encouragement from mentor/music teacher Dale Cole, whose band the ‘Richmond Ramblers’ Gigi played with for 3 year’s. Gigi Godin will be performing Arts in the Park with her talented whitehorse friends including Glen Emond, Kim Beggs, Ryan McNally & Bob Hamilton

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