Thursday // Arts in The Park: My Fabulous String Quartet

My Fabulous String Quartet, otherwise known as MFSQ, was founded in 2012. The ensemble is Katie Avery (violin), Keiko Fujise (violin), Rachel Grantham (viola), and Pam Sinclair (cello). A cross-generational ensemble, MFSQ has been a mainstay of Whitehorse's professional classical music scene appearing regularly with the Sing Along Messiah Collective, Problematic Orchestra, and for the Queen's Rendezvous Feast. They play classic quartet repertoire as well as arrangements of popular music.

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Wednesday Evening // Arts in The Park: The Shaggy Manes

The Shaggy Manes have grooved out a notch for themselves among The Yukon’s music community and are ready to take on the big stage. The group is relatively new and was formed in early 2019 by members Hayley Warden, Aki Jonasson, Ben McGrath, Alex Johnston and Dan Stark. The group focuses on smooth vocals and deep grooves while maintaining a healthy dose of psych and blues that makes them great to dance to. The unique collaboration of individuals is what gives this band a new sound. Their shows frequently initiate dancing and singalongs which makes the nights fun, captivating and [...]

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Wednesday // Arts in The Park: The Sideguy’s

Bio: The Sideguy's were formed in early Spring 2018 through a shared love of old-time cajun and appalachian music, swing tunes and fiddle music. Comprised of Keitha Clark on fiddle, Brigitte DesJardins on percussion and voice, Rob Bergman on upright bass and Graeme Poile on guitar, this quartet guarantees you lively tunes and toe-tapping rhythms. Involving some of the most sought-after ‘side musicians’ in town, a vast genre-hopping repertoire and infectious energy, the Sideguys are sure to bring smiles for miles.

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Tuesday // Arts in The Park: Gordie Tentrees

International touring award nominated Canadian string bending song slinger Gordie Tentrees has arrived. This road poet, multi-instrumentalist, and master story teller brings the unexpected to stages across North America, Europe, Australia, UK & Ireland with 7 records behind him either solo or with legendary sideman Jaxon Haldane. From Celtic Connections (Glasgow, Scotland) to the National Folk Festival (Canberra, AU) his ability to hold an audience, weave melody, while juggling the dark with the light is infectious. His new 2018 release "GRIT" conveys character sketches of life struggling with adversity following up his sensational 2016 release "Less is More", which was [...]

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Monday // Arts in The Park: Elijah Bekk

Bio - Elijah Bekk grew up in Faro Yukon, a small town of 400 people in the far north of Canada. Living in this secluded area allowed him ample time to hone his skills as a guitarist, pianist, and vocalist from a young age. He's now gone on to reach many accomplishments in the music industry and is still constantly striving to further his career. Although he is only 21 years old, Elijah has won the Yukon Commissioner's Music Award, the Old’s Alberta Jazz Band Scholarship, has attended the music and technology program at Selkirk College, has played shows around the [...]

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Friday // Arts in The Park: Shagadelica

Fronted by Barbara Chamberlin (Vocals, Keyboards, and Guitar), Pamela Ruth (Vocals and Bass), and Kimberly Anne (Vocals and Guitar). And with Roxx Hunter (Lead Guitar) laying down the big rock sound and Guy Chan (Drums) providing the solid groove. Shagadelica delivers polished songs with layered harmonies and a big rock n roll sound. We have some big shows coming up, and will be available for parties and dances.

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Thursday // Arts in The Park: Andrea McColeman & Danette Readman

DOUBLE BILL FEATURING: Andrea McColeman: Andrea has been playing music since age 6, no doubt encouraged by the ghost of her piano- playing grandmother that came with the inherited family piano. Between then and now she has enjoyed learning new instruments and playing music with people on stages, in basements, in recording studios, on TV, in classrooms, around campfires. Andrea discovered the marimba while studying percussion in university. The marimba is a huge couch-sized version of a xylophone. Its’ wooden bars are played with yarn mallets. Metal resonators below the keys give it a beautiful deep rich tone. Andrea’s marimba [...]

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Wednesday Evening // Arts in The Park: The Animal Warfare Act

The Animal Warfare Act is Whitehorse’s new heavy metal attack. Formed in 2018 by Warrmauth vocalist and guitarist Manus “CuddleBunny” Hopkins, The Animal Warfare Act aims to tackle serious real-world issues like pollution, gender violence and addiction, while creating invigorating and revitalising straight up metal music. Visual aspects are also prominent in the band’s performances, with each member wearing a unique mask and portraying a themed character. The story goes that The Animal Warfare Act was created as a military initiative, with animals being genetically modified for combat. Their brains were fused with AI technology, which eventually led them to [...]

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