The Bistro on Bennett in Carcross is looking for musical artists to perform on weekends during the summer.   Thursdays through Sundays are all options.   There are several options we could look at.  Either performing while we are open from say 6 to 8pm or possibly having the musician start at 8 at normal closing and we stay open with high refreshments and keep our beer and wine service open and have an after 8pm performance.  Lunch hours can be quite busy in Carcross on weekend and there is lots of foot traffic in the commons so a 1pm performance would attract a considerable audience.

Feel free to contact me if you have interest.   Rates for services of course must be discussed based on the activity you are booked for and the number of musicians in your act etc.   Solo performers through to up to 4 person bands could work okay in our space.  If weather is nice we have a beautiful large deck if you have not yet been to the Bistro.

Contact Dustin at 867-336-1709 or