Green Needle Records

Located 20 minutes from Whitehorse, in an area known for its sun-saturated craggy hills, pine and spruce trees, and the Takhini River, is the Yukon’s new premier recording facility, Green Needle Records.

Jordy Walker Music

Jordy Walker is a music composer, producer, sound designer, sound artist and multi-instrumentalist.

Old Crow Recording Studios

Recording studio located in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, run by Bob Hamilton.


Big Boat Records

Awaking from the Yukon’s fever dream, born and raised northerners Dawson Beaulieu and Patrick Hamilton rolled out of bed to find opportunity representing and promoting Yukon Based artists. Hamilton, an experienced musician and producer comes together with Beaulieu, an innovative and growing artist to create and tell the unique stories of the north. While riding in the back seat on the back roads, the twisting tales of industry, heartbreak, and parentage surround us in Canada’s crown jewel. Through original music and representation the pair want to re-write the narrative and subvert your expectations of The Yukon.


Magnum Opus Management

Magnum Opus Management is focused on developing new audiences for some of Canada’s finest musicians. Our vision is to bring performers and presenters together to create memorable concert experiences and community outreach that captivates the diversity of audience in your community.