A legacy of Grant Simpson’s tenure in the Yukon, Home Routes is a house concert organization that brings top-level artists to Yukon audiences and provides our own touring artists with an excellent supplement to performance opportunities outside the territory.

Yukon artists who have benefited from this program include Ryan McNally, Claire Ness, Kim Barlow, Kate Weekes, Kim Beggs, Nadine Landry, BJ Maclean, Steve Slade, Gordie Tentrees, and more.

Home Routes co-founder Mitch Podolak hosts a regular podcast called the Wednesday Night Folk Show, the first episode of which features local piano tornado Annie Avery:

Home Routes is currently raising funds via a Patreon account. If you would like to support live music in the Yukon as well as Yukon-based musicians going outside, then you can make a contribution to Home Routes here: