Get Thee Behind the Wheel by Declan O’Donovan

September 28, 2022

Get Thee Behind the Wheel by Declan O’Donovan

The musical vastness and ambivalence of Declan O’Donovan’s sound is reflected by the picturesque backdrop between Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon and the urban centres from Toronto to Montreal. For over a decade, the Canadian has succeeded in creating stylistically unique fusions of the most diverse of song writing approaches. Nothing is too strange, too big or too far: indulgent blues, alternative folk, soundtrack-like piano pieces, you name it. Albums with an eccentric richness of ideas like his self-titled debut from 2012 of the larger-than-life “Broken Sky” (2017) have made O’Donovan one of the most sought-after musicians in Canada. And yet far too few people are aware of him over here. Comparisons range from Tom Waits to Randy Newman or Harry Nilsson, but of course don’t really do the creative maverick and his unmistakably rough timbre any justice. This year, his new release “Amok” once again shows that he’s riding a wave of his own, subject to his own transformations.

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