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Every Wednesday at Arts in the Park noon hour is a kids oriented show. In addition to a performance from Ryan Enns and a workshop provided by Marie-Hélène Comeau, there will be an employee from the Yukon Literacy Coalition providing books to the public. Ryan Enns grew up in Whitehorse Yukon, a place where music and storytelling are central to daily life.  He left the Yukon at the age of 18 and moved to Vancouver where he completed his master’s degree in guitar performance from UBC in 2008.  Ryan is truly an anomaly among classical guitarists because he is equally at home in the “folk” idiom as he is in the “classical” idiom.  As a classical guitarist Ryan performs virtuosic guitar music from South America and Spain with all the technical fluidity and precision you would expect from a guitarist with his academic credentials, but with energy and character that you normally find in the Jam tent at a Folk fest.  As a singer / songwriter, Ryan’s songs are just 3 chords and the truth about love, fatherhood and the Northern way of life.  The common thread that unites his two sides is his ability to engage his audience and share his love of music.  Mr. Enns currently lives with his wife and 2 year old son in Yamba, New South Wales. Marie-Hélène Comeau is providing a workshop using an old technique; the praxinoscope, the ancestor in a way of stop motion.

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