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I am a visual artist who resides in Marsh Lake, Yukon. I would like to give artist demonstrations on Stained Glass and Mosaics. Visitors will be able to observe the steps involved in- stained glass including pattern design, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering and the copper foil overlay design process. I would like to create 1 stained glass piece during the week (this piece will be set in a reclaimed snowshoe).

In addition I would like to create a community piece to be donated to Queer Yukon. This proposed piece would be a large wooden “Pride Heart” mosaic, visitors will have the opportunity to help mosaic the heart throughout the week.

I can work around date selection. My contact info is 867-689-8569. Sorry for using this application platform, I’m not sure if a missed the visual artist deadline, I could not find the application.

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