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Born in Detroit, under the shadow of Motown and rock n’ roll. Coming of age in the wilds of the Yukon. Playing far away corners of the globe. Roxx Hunter has emerged as a highly skilled, versatile, and in demand musician, songwriter, and instructor, with an eclectic and ever evolving style. Always reaching for the next rung on the musical ladder, Roxx has lit up thousands of live shows from sold-out concerts and headlining festival gigs, to cultural and community events, as well as paying dues in clubs and bars, as an original artist, and as a hired gun, backing up Grammy winning, multi-platinum, and multi award winning acts.

His music has racked up over 125,000 plays online, is covered by other artists, and was the soundtrack/score for a documentary. He’s taught workshops, rock band camps, group and private lessons, and mentored young and old on their musical journey.

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