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Singer/songwriter Brian Ladue was born and raised in the beautiful Yukon Territory. Brian first learned to play the acoustic guitar at the age of 14 and soon after learned to sing some simple songs. After learning a handful of songs he joined some local musicians and formed a local band, not too long after the band became quite popular in the northern communities. After playing numerous gigs with the band over a span of about 10 years Brian began to write and produce his own music. Brian’s musical influences are seen throughout the music he plays and can also be heard in his original compositions, his musical style ranges from Classic Rock music to todays modern Rock and also has a flare of singer/songwriter/acoustic music. Today, Brian is looking to be established as a recording and performing artist. He is currently writing, producing, and recording his first album. Brian believes that music is the direct reflection of life’s experiences and it’s those very experiences that create the palette of creativity to produce relevant messages through music.

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