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Andrea McColeman: Andrea has been playing music since age 6, no doubt encouraged by the
ghost of her piano- playing grandmother that came with the inherited
family piano. Between then and now she has enjoyed learning new
instruments and playing music with people on stages, in basements, in
recording studios, on TV, in classrooms, around campfires. Andrea
discovered the marimba while studying percussion in university.
The marimba is a huge couch-sized version of a xylophone. Its’ wooden
bars are played with yarn mallets. Metal resonators below the keys give
it a beautiful deep rich tone.
Andrea’s marimba playing delights audiences young and old. The sheer
physical dexterity of playing and the visual beauty of the instrument is
entertainment alone, never mind the gorgeous resonant melodic sound
it produces! Andrea plays a wide variety of music on the marimba from
Bach to Zappa and everything in between. Your ears will travel from
soothing lulling hypnotizing reverie to jarring edgy exciting adventure.
Expect to hear recognizable classics adapted for marimba while also
being introduced to new works composed specifically for the

Danette Readman:

Danette began classical guitar studies as a teenager. She has had the opportunity
to learn from some world famous classical guitar shredders, and also play with some favourite
local ones, too! In past Arts in the Park seasons, she has shared the stage with Nicholas Mah in
the Readman-Mah Guitar Duo, as well as in the Partita trio (with Hèléne Beaulieu).
Danette loves talking classical music, founding and hosting the Pre-Concert Chat series for
Whitehorse Concerts. She currently shares her love of classical music in her work as a Suzuki
Guitar teacher.
Despite being a classical music geek, Danette enjoys playing, composing and arranging for all
styles of music. Danette is a member of local rock/party band, Leg Up Hands Down, as well as a
member in the pop/rock combo, Lara and the Danz.
At Arts in the Park, she will be performing her favourite classical guitar pieces, including several
Latin and contemporary pieces.
Little fun fact: Danette’s first ever classical guitar gig in the Yukon, was sharing the stage with
Andrea McColeman, on marimba.

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