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No more music alone! Join Kim Beggs in WIT’s next Sing Along, Play Along, Monday, Feb 1st at 6:50pm.

This is an inspiring and easy way of playing music with others when our “getting together” is limited. Chord charts are laid out in easy formats and patterns repeat. Bring your instrument and your voice to your own living room and play your heart out, experiment with riffs and harmonies at full volume. Perfect for beginners and more experienced players.


WHERE:  Go to the www.wittheatre.ca and click on the link for both the live event and to download the pdf of chord charts (already up).

WHEN NEXT: Monday, February 1st, 7PM Yukon Time (arrive at 6:50 for a bit of chat and to tune up)


Our next host for Sing Along Play Along!

Kim Beggs delivers a heartfelt darkness in a beautiful back woods beat driven performance. Sincere, vulnerable, clear eyed, tough Yukon’s Beggs has garnered 7 Western Canadian Music Award nominations and 3 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations plus a nomination for Independent Music Award in the USA. Kim is currently working on her 6th album recording. She has toured with Buffy Saint-Marie, Chris Jagger and more.


Join Kim for the online Sing Along Jam on February 1. The repertoire Kim will be playing and providing charts for include some of her original songs, old traditional tunes as well as other favourite covers.

Go to our website to download the song sheets for Kim’s music. www.wittheatre.ca


How Sing Along, Play Along works: Every other week till end of March, a local musician hosts a live jam event. Closet musicians and lovers of music, in the Covid-proof safety of their own home, join in. Folks post comments in the margins and a virtual musical community is built. The event remains online for two weeks only. Folks can go back and play along to their favorite songs. Then, a new host, a new live event, a new opportunity. Chord charts are posted prior to the event for downloading. All links are on www.wittheatre.ca


To learn more about Kim Beggs and her music please visit these links and follow if you like.

Website: www.kimbeggs.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/KimBeggsMusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/kimbeggs

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kimbeggs

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/imeggsusic

Youtube: www.youtube.com/kimbeggs

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