YWIM (Yukon Women in Music) presents two performance workshops for vocalists and musicians, and a technical workshop on Saturday, March 24, at the United Church!!!  Our accompanying musicians will be Danette Readman, Brigitte Desjardins and Rob Bergman. Instructors will be Fawn Fritzen, Calla Paleczny, Olivier de Colombel and one more TBA. Please email Barbara at bcyukon@mac.com to reserve your spot. Men are welcome as well as women!  

Once reserved, you can pay online: https://ywim.ca/products with PayPal OR send e-transfer to: yukonwomeninmusic@gmail.com  $35 for YWIM members  ~   $45 for non-members

YWIM presents: Sound Class with Marshall Charlebois! 

Learn how to set up a basic PA and get a hands-on opportunity to work the board! You will learn how to run a sound board, how to handle effects, how to mic voices, line in instruments, EQ, how to take care of your PA, and much more! This is for beginner and intermediate levels.

Marshall is a long-time sound tech with Unitech. His passion is creating the best sound possible for musicians of all genres. Marshall has run the Ginger Jam, locally for many years!  

On March 24th, at the United Church on Main Street, there will be a 1 hour orientation class from 10 – 11am, followed by 3 hours of hands-on practice/mentorship with participants in the “Performance – Plugged in” workshop taking place that same day from 3 – 6pm. You will then have even more hands-on mentoring and experience, assisting with the evening concert…7 – 8:30pm, to really get you going!

Cost for this workshop is $25 for YWIM members and $35 for non-YWIM members. Bring a lunch if needed, but snacks are provided. Class limit is 5 people. Please contact Barbara at bcyukon@mac.cm if you have any questions. This is open to men and women of all ages. 

Register/pay at  ywim.ca under Products and Services> Products > Training Skills Workshops…scroll to Sound Tech Workshop, or by e-transfer: yukonwomeninmusic@gmail.com.  (Please provide security answer in separate email).

“Performance Skills – Unplugged”  from 11am – 2pm

This is a hands-on, 3 hour class that focuses on acoustic performance values. There will be 2 instructors who will provide participants with constructive feedback on their performance. The participants will then be given space and a chance to incorporate the feedback they learned, then return to run their performance for the facilitators again.
Participants will each prepare a song to perform during the class. You will be expected to bring the song in chart form with enough copies for the accompanist (if applicable) and the 2 instructors. Participants can self-accompany or bring a person of their choice to accompany them. A guitar accompanist will be available on-site. There will be a student concert at the end of the day ~ please see below. Acoustic pianos are available, but if you prefer another instrument, please bring your instrument.

Participants will receive info and feedback on:

  • Interaction with audience and performance skills
  • Learning to listen for balance
  • Giving space and focus to other performers/accompanists
  • Voice projection
  • Working with an accompanist
  • Singing your song to your audience from your heart

The cost is $35 for YWIM members and $45 for non-YWIM members. It is the same price for 1 person or for a group. Snacks will be provided. Class limit is 8 people. Please contact Barbara at bcyukon@mac.con to reserve a place in the class.
Register online: ywim.ca (as above)

“Performance Skills – Plugged In” from 3:00-6:00pm
This is a hands-on 3 hour class with 2 instructors and a band, consisting of drums/bass/guitar. Our instrumentalists will be Brigitte Desjardins, Danette Readman and Rob Bergman. Each of the participants will get half an hour to perform a song and receive feedback. They are expected to bring the song in chart form with enough copies for the band and the instructor (for those needing help with the charting, YWIM is also hosting a chart writing workshop on March 17).
Participants will receive info and feedback on: 

  • Counting the band in
  • Leading the band, cueing solos, cueing your own entry
  • Mic technique
  • How to work with sound techs for sound checks, get your monitors where you want them
  • Performance skills – facing your audience, singing to them with focus and heart

The cost is $35 for YWIM members and $45 for non-YWIM members, with 5 spots available for participants. A participant can be a singer, or a singer/instrumentalist, or a small group of singer/instrumentalists. It is the same price for 1 person or for a group. 
Snacks will be provided. Please contact Barbara at bcyukon@mac.con to reserve a place in the class.   Register online: ywim.ca (as above)

A “Finale Student Concert” will be held that evening, from 7-8 PM.
Participants will have the opportunity to play in a small concert with the musicians they worked with during the day, or accompanying themselves, depending on preferences. This is so that they can practice what they learned during the day to a larger audience. The concert will be open to friends/guests, family members and the public, and will be advertised.  There will be a $10 charge per person.

YWIM warmly thanks our sponsors, the Women’s Directorate and the Cultural Industries Training Fund.