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Brigitte Desjardins started being a percussionist at 11 years old and grew up in a very musical family. Since then, she’s been involved in many different musical styles; folk, classical, rock, blues, jazz, old-time, cajun… Playing drums has always been her main focus growing up.
Throughout her life, she has always been dedicated to her craft as a percussionist and since she moved to the Yukon, she strives to take her musical’s skills further. To just name a few of her involvements; She received the Advanced Artist Award from the Yukon department of tourism and culture in 2015 to go study traditional jazz drumming in New-Orleans; she’s been hired to be the musical director of the show ”Elles se racontent” presented at the Yukon Art Center last March; she performs with many significant local artists; etc.
Brigitte also focus her work on children’s music in many different ways: she collaborate with Claire Ness doing children’s performances, she tours in the Yukon communities schools to offer music workshops to students with the Ryan McNally, she teaches in the after-school music program at Émilie-Tremblay school with Olivier de Colombel, she teaches drum kit and washboard private lessons for kids… Brigitte loves supporting children in their musical learnings.
She loves creating connection thought drum learning with either adult or kids of all ages!