Arts in the Park 2020 is here! These incredible artists are showcasing their talents every lunch hour throughout July on CJUC 92.5FM Whitehorse Community Radio. If you miss the noon hour show don’t worry, as you can also hear artists play Wednesday Evenings from 7-8pm! So set your radio stations and get ready to enjoy the show!

Week 2 Lineup

Monday, July 13 @ 12pm
Erica Mah & Darcy McCord

Tuesday, July 14 @ 12pm
Selina Heyligers-Hare

Wednesday, July 15 @ 12pm
Michael Brooks & the Bingo Bongo Boogie Band
Story Time with Yukon Literacy Coalition @ 11:50am

Wednesday, July 15 @ 7pm
Groan Boy

Thursday, July 16 @ 12pm
Susu Robin (live from Dawson)

Friday, July 17 @ 12pm
Speed Control