2017 Arts in the Park Schedule

Week 1, May 23-26

Week 2, May 29-June 2

Week 3, June 5-9

Visual Artist: Nicole Bauberger

Tuesday – All City Band

Wednesday – Bingo Bongo Boogie Band

Wednesday 7pm – Sputnik

Thursday – Hélène Beaulieu

Friday – BJ McLean

Visual Artist: Harreson Tanner

Monday – Nich Mah Duo

Tuesday – Two Piano Tornado

Wednesday – Vanier Jazz Combo

Wednesday 7pm – Ted Hot Chili Peppers

Thursday – Ryan McNally

Friday – Crooked Folk

Visual Artist: Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse

Monday – Calla Paleczny

Tuesday – Kim Beggs Trio

Wednesday – The Big Band

Wednesday 7pm – Hoarfrost

Thursday – West Dawson Ramblers

Friday – The Canucks

Week 4, June 12-16

Week 5, June 19-23

Week 6, June 26-30

Visual Artist: Patrick Royle

Monday – Speed Control

Tuesday – Poetry in the Park:
Chrys Salt and Nick Mah

Wednesday – Remy Rodden

Wednesday 7pm – Prizefighter

Thursday – Anacrouse

Friday – The Benett Sun

Visual Artist: Blair Thorson

Monday – The River Bends (from Dawson)

Tuesday – Nadine and Sammy


No shows.

Thursday – Soir de Semaine

Friday – Diyet

Visual Artist: Rosemary Scanlon

Monday – Stockstill & Rose

Tuesday – Jenni House

Wednesday – Nicole Edwards
and the Puppet Affair

Wednesday 7pm – Jeremy Parkin & Kelvin

Thursday – Songwriter Panel

Friday – Lucie D and the Immortals

Week 7, July 3-7

Week 8, July 10-14

Week 9, July 17-21

Visual Artist: Marie Hélène Comeau

Monday – TBC

Tuesday – TBC

Wednesday – Matt the Music Man

Wednesday 7pm – Clairvoyant Felicities 

Thursday – Tereza Tomek

Friday – Winter Trio

Visual Artist: Josée Carbonneau

Monday – Matt Epp

Tuesday – Steve and Andy Slade

Wednesday – Ryan Enns

Wednesday 7pm – Major Funk and the Employment

Thursday – Claire Ness

Friday – The Sarcastic Onions

Visual Artist: Amber Church

Monday – Rob Dickson

Tuesday – Peggy Hanifan & Roxx Hunter

Wednesday – Cate Innish

Wednesday 7pm – The Ukes of Hazard

Thursday – Grant Simpson & Shauna Jones

Friday – Patrick Jacobson

Week 10, July 24-28

Week 11, July 31-Aug 4

Visual Artist: Helen O’Conor

Monday – Anne Turner & Tom Connor

Tuesday – Belleville Jas

Wednesday – TBC

Wednesday 7pm – Soul Migration

Thursday – Gordie Tentrees

Friday – The Whiskey Dicks

Visual Artist: Michel Gignac

Monday – Marco Claveria

Tuesday – DOUBLE BILL- Sophie Villeneuve and Léa Roy

Wednesday – Swing Sets

Wednesday 7pm – Lara and the Danz

Thursday – Half Cuts

Friday – Grande Finale!


THANK YOU to our 2017 funders and sponsors!

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