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MusicYukon Resource Centre

The MusicYukon Resource Centre is located at 3128 3rd Avenue in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon. The centre offers wireless internet, computers and basic office resources, including photo-copying, printing and scanning. Members and visiting musicians commonly use the centre as their downtown office.

It also serves as a great meeting and networking place and a place where musicians can take out their instruments and practice or jam or just play for the fun of it.

The MusicYukon Resource Centre is usually open between 9am and 2pm, Monday through Friday, but it is recommended to call ahead to (867) 456-8742 before dropping by to ensure staff are available to let you in.

Rehearsal Space & Sound Gear Rentals

Rehearsal Space Rentals

A rehearsal, jam or teaching space is available to rent to MusicYukon members in the basement of our Resource Centre. Included in the rental is access to a guitar amp, a drum kit, and a PA system.

The hope is that, by renting out this space, MusicYukon can provide the music community with an accessible and affordable place downtown to practice, teach or jam, as well as to expand its own presence and membership in the community.

Meeting Space Rentals

The upstairs meeting room of the Resource Centre is available to rent for meeting and/or workshop functions, with discounts given to members and partner members.

Sound Gear & PA Rentals

A basic PA system is available to MusicYukon members to rent out for private and/or non-profit events.

To book a rental, please contact us at staff@musicyukon.com or (867) 456-8742.