•   BodyWeather Workshop: Exploring Physical Presence with Victoria Hunt (Deadline to apply: November 28, 2018): BodyWeather is a comprehensive training and performance practice that develops a conscious relation to the state of change inside and outside the body. It draws from Eastern, Western, and Pacific dance, martial arts, and experimental theatre practices.
  • Ghost Days: Making Art of Spirit (Deadline to apply: November 28, 2018): This residency is an experiment in conjuring and medium-ship, combined with art and collaboration with the living and with spirit. Participants will create works based on their personal relationship with the concept of spirit.
  • Indigenous Storytellers and Spoken Word Residency (Deadline to apply: November 28, 2018): This residency will push the parameters of traditional storytelling, while retaining the integrity of how stories come to be. Participants will be immersed in in-depth writing practices involving visual, research, and meditative exploration, as well as elder teaching and land based outings.
  •  Indigenous Leadership and Management programsBanff Centre also has a range of Indigenous Leadership programs which are designed to provide leaders an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to establish a strategic direction for their communities and organizations, implement that plan through focused effort, and measure performance.
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