Painting with Gorellaume

Another season of Arts in the Park is done! We ended the summer with painter Gorellaume coming by every noon hour of our last week. By Wednesday, Gorellaume finished setting up his piece & invited the public to join him & paint.

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Spinning with The Northern Fibres Guild

Over the course of the week, a team of spinners will demonstrate the processes of carding, spinning, and plying and offer the opportunity for members of the audience to try their hand at spinning. The Northern Fibres Guild has been active in the Yukon for more than 30 years and includes a skilled, artistic, and enthusiastic group of spinners. They spin both local and imported fibres directly from the fleece of sheep, alpacas and occasionally llama or muskox as well as dog hair. Their handspun fibre is often dyed with natural and synthetic dyes and sometimes hand painted. It is then [...]

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Painting with Ali Khoda

After making a beautiful graffiti work in 2016 - that's still in the park -, Ali Khoda is back at arts in the park every noon hour this week. This time Ali is painting. Ali makes murals all over Whitehorse and studied carving with Calvin Morberg and Jared Kane in 2016. Ali has taught his craft to elementary school and high school students in Whitehorse.

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Françoise Laroche

As far Françoise as can remember, she has always been creating. Her mother was her teacher. Various traditional art experiences are marking her life path: weaving, knitting, spinning, sewing, quilting. She was born in Québec and she is French metis micmac. Her strong desire to live up North became a reality when she moved to the Yukon in 2007. Since then, she learned beading, lacing with bobbins, and rug hooking. For the last eight years, her favourite medium has been tapestry with a hooking method. Wool is the basic material, She uses lots of material in many ways in her pieces [...]

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Praxinoscope with Marie-Hélène Comeau

In the past year, Marie-Hélène Comeau offers a series of drawing and animation workshop using an old technique; the praxinoscope the ancestor in a way of stop motion. This series of art workshop has been a success in different Whitehorse schools engaging students of all ages in an original and fun way to create animated drawings. Marie will demonstrate the technique and help visitors to create their own animation. Come by and work on an animation throughout the week! Originally from Quebec, Marie-Hélène moved to the Yukon in 1992. Since then she has been engaging in a creative exploration of [...]

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Fish Skin Art with Josée Carbonneau

During every noon hour performance this week, Josée shows the public her fish skin art work. This year, she is creating a fish skin doll. There will be samples of the fish skins that she home tans and uses as well as all the materials that are part of the doll like salmon teeth, caribou antler and furs. She welcomes the public to stop by, learn her process and participate in working on the skins!

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Sculpting with Harreson Tanner

Harreson is working on a sculpture of legendary Yukoner, bush pilot to CEO Joe Sparling. Harreson encourages audience members ask questions about his subject matter & process and invites them to share stories of their experiences with community icon, Joe. During all the noon hour performances this week. Harreson began his study of sculpture at the Ottawa School of Art 33 years ago. In 2000 this vocation became his full-time career. In 2002, Harreson and his wife made Whitehorse their home. In subsequent years he has helped create a cooperative art gallery, a private art gallery and has worked as [...]

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Painting Music with Maya Rosenberg

Some hear music. Maya can see it. Maya will create live customized acrylic landscape painting of nature, location, and music. She will paint acrylic landscapes of the location, with emphasis on matching the color plate, texture, and elements to the specific music played. The art pieces will be painted live as the music plays, and change dynamically accordingly to represent the feeling of the music in colors and texture. The final product will be a visual representation of the empowering, rejuvenating and colorful stories the music represents. The music will be painted in a form of color theory, texture to [...]

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Oil Painting with Emma Barr

The career of Yukon artist, Emma Barr has spanned over one decade. The third-generation artist was educated at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson B.C. and graduated with a fine art diploma majoring in mixed media. In addition to her studio work, which focuses primarily on painting commissions, Barr teaches art to all ages. Barr’s work evolves with her exploration of medium and subject matter. At various points in her career, she has worked with wax and pigment medium, cera colla, which culminated in a body of abstract work; with oil paints, which emotively explore landscape; and in [...]

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Sculptural Paper Making with Helen O’Connor

During every noon hour performance this week, Helen O'Connor demonstrates and teaches sculptural paper making. Learn how to create 3D hanging forms that incorporate willow, local fibres and spruce root. Helen is a Yukon visual artist who makes paper by hand using oriental and local fibres to create sculpture, assemblages and installation. Her works express a reverence to nature and are influenced by the unique atmosphere of the north. Originally from Ontario, O'Connor studied visual art at the University of Western Ontario and at the Ontario College of Art. During her studies, O'Connor was introduced to techniques for oriental and [...]

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