As far Françoise as can remember, she has always been creating. Her mother was her teacher. Various traditional art experiences are marking her life path: weaving, knitting, spinning, sewing, quilting.

She was born in Québec and she is French metis micmac. Her strong desire to live up North became a reality when she moved to the Yukon in 2007. Since then, she learned beading, lacing with bobbins, and rug hooking.

For the last eight years, her favourite medium has been tapestry with a hooking method. Wool is the basic material, She uses lots of material in many ways in her pieces of art, as fur, dog hair, lichen, feathers and everything which inspires her.

She’s surrounded by animals, birds, sky, lakes, rivers and mountains. They are her inspiration for making her tapestries.

She’ll be at the park during every noon hour performance this week!