Some hear music. Maya can see it. Maya will create live customized acrylic landscape painting of nature, location, and music. She will paint acrylic landscapes of the location, with emphasis on matching the color plate, texture, and elements to the specific music played. The art pieces will be painted live as the music plays, and change dynamically accordingly to represent the feeling of the music in colors and texture. The final product will be a visual representation of the empowering, rejuvenating and colorful stories the music represents. The music will be painted in a form of color theory, texture to show vibration, elements from the songs, areas of time, local Yukon and community representation, unique elements of the artists, and more. This project represents the empowering and inspiring results of collaborative forms of arts. In that spirit, she invites members of the public to join her every noon hour this week to work on the project.

Maya was born and raised in Israel. She has traveled to the United States, Canada and Europe, and was a part of an international circus project as a visual artist in Brooklyn, New York. Maya moved to Whitehorse in August 2014 and is currently a board director at the Yukon Art Society, teaching painting workshops across the Yukon Territory, exhibiting in varied art galleries across Canada and coordinating visual arts events. She is an active community member aiming to inspire and empower youth and adults through visual art, while taking part at collaborative arts events and projects in Yukon, Toronto, Winnipeg, and across Canada. Maya’s art is inspired by nature and its rejuvenating, dynamic and vivid qualities, and her work reflects the connections of nature, art and empowering our communities through colors.

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