Taking It Live: Marketing your live performance with Debbie Peters!

Sunday, April 23, 10am to 3pm at the Old Fire Hall
The majority of a musician’s revenue is derived from live performance. This is a fact. With that as the basic premise, this workshop focuses on developing the tools to open new markets for your music and is filled with usable, practical information that is easily implemented. Set aside this day to work on performance goals. From a one minute pitch to showcasing your live performance, it’s about identifying your optimal audience then taking the steps to get in front of that audience. The day will be divided into two sessions. It will be interactive and is designed to move you further along in setting and achieving your goals.
Topics for discussion include:

  • refining your pitch
  • how to identify and reach new audiences
  • effective promotional tools in a digital age
  • building a profile
  • writing good showcase applications
  • making the most of showcasing opportunities
  • what your online presence says about you
  • building a team and who you need when

ABOUT DEBBIE PETERS: Over the past nineteen years, Magnum Opus Management founder Debbie Peters has been guiding artists through career development, from the creation of a unified vision through to the nitty gritty of making that vision a reality. With experience working in the arts as a performer, producer, consultant, agent and manager, Debbie now focuses much of her energy on developing new audiences nationally and internationally for some of Canada’s finest musicians. Debbie has received awards for Artist Manager/Agent of the Year Award from the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA) and Pacific Contact. Magnum Opus Management received
8 nominations for Agency/Manager of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards.

Cost: $20 for Music Yukon Members / $40 for non members

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Taking it Live Workshop