MusicYukon’s Weekly Playlist

MusicYukon sends out a list of five names of artists each week to all the main media outlets with the goal of having the list published in the press, given airwaves on the radio, published on local cable chanels and given exposure on the interent (via this website and by posting it to music-related mailing lists and newsgroups)

The goal is to give focus to specific songs that the author chooses and the reasons why they composed the song.  The list will also include a brief bio of the artists and a link to their website where interested buys can purchase the entire albums and see where the artist is performing next.

What we need from you:
1.  mp3 file of your chosen cut
2.  A brief description of why you chose this song (and/or why you wrote it)
3.  A brief bio (one short paragraph)
4.  Website/Link information
5.  A signed form giving MusicYukon permission to put this cut on the MusicYukon website for media outlets to link to.

Please email all submissions to MusicYukon
Steve Gedrose –

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